Transmission Repair near Albany GA

Transmission Repair near Albany GA

The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle, helping you get up and go when you’re behind the wheel. Keeping it in good shape and repairing it when needed ensures your vehicle lasts longer and is safe to drive.

Albany Motorcars is here to go over some basic information of transmission repair, including signs to look out for, what a transmission is, and how our service center can help Albany, Georgia, drivers get back on the road.

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What Is a Transmission?

The transmission is part of your engine that shifts gears and provides power to the wheels.

There are a few different kinds, including:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Manual transmission
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The manual transmission used to be all the rage. With a manual transmission, you have a clutch pedal and shifter to change gears as you drive. These are available in older vehicles and sportier models.

These days, most vehicles are automatic transmissions. There’s no clutch, and the gear shifts happen automatically, relying on torque.

Similar to automatic transmissions is the CVT. It’s typically used in smaller vehicles with smaller engines and is popular with hybrid cars.


Signs Your Transmission Needs a Repair

There are a few signs you can look out for that’ll let you know your transmission might need a repair. If you spot any of these signs, take your vehicle into our service center to get it looked at!

Several signs are more about noise than sight. If you hear strange sounds like clunking, humming, or whining, that can signify automatic transmission problems. Clunking noises might indicate an issue with a manual transmission. If your engine sounds louder than usual, that can also indicate a problem.

Have you ever seen a puddle of fluid in a parking spot? That might be a leak from a transmission. Transmission leaks often leave behind fluid that’s red and sweet-smelling.

One key sign that tells you that you should get your vehicle checked out is the check engine light. The check engine light has quite a few possibilities behind it, but one of them is your transmission. When this light comes on, head to your service center as soon as possible.


Service Center

Think your transmission needs a repair? Our on-site service center can help! We have highly experienced technicians who will take great care of your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

When we work on your car, we’ll use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts to ensure a great fit and good quality parts. We get these from our on-site parts department to order what we need when we need it.

On top of transmission repairs, our team can handle routine maintenance and other important service needs.

Schedule a Transmission Repair Appointment

If you think that your transmission might need some service, the service center at Albany Motorcars is here to help. We will inform Albany, GA, drivers what to expect from the repair and answer any questions you have.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment. Reach out to us online using our scheduling form or by phone today!

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